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Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi :

Worship of Ganesha is associated with the regular life of innumerable Hindu families in India as well as abroad. Ganesha is believed to be the god of success, who blesses his followers with their desired achievements by removing the obstacles of their path. Therefore, ‘Vighnaharta’ is one of the popular names of Ganesha and it is the ‘destroyer of obstacles’. Here the faith of millions of Lord Ganesha’s success is guaranteed.

Start new ventures

  • Lord Ganesha is remembered at the beginning of large as well as small undertakings, as mentioned below:
  • Construction of a house, office, shop, or any other structure begins with Ganesh puja or puja, by which people bless God to successfully complete the task.
  • Most Ganesha believers start the journey to distant places by remembering them so that they do not face any kind of loss or injury on the way.
  • Many people keep small Ganesh idols with them while going for important exams, or job interviews. This is because Ganesha is also considered to be the god of knowledge.
  • Even business houses, fashion designers, merchandise stores, and vendor shops of all kinds never fail to place paintings or paintings on the wall of Ganesha in different parts of the campus.

Ganesha symbolism

Lord Ganesha paves the way for success for his devotees, as his body and wealth symbolize various aspects of being successful in life.

Here is a discussion on this:

  • Ganesha’s head represents the soul, which according to Hindu mythology, is considered the ultimate reality of life.
  • The human body of Ganesha is a symbol of the physical existence of humans on earth.
    The elephant head of God is a symbol of wisdom, which is important for achieving success.
  • The long trunk is the symbol of ‘Om’ which, according to Hinduism, is the basis of cosmic creation and a successful hymn.
  • The goat is one of the right hands that helps the Lord overcome obstacles from the path of success to his followers.
  • The tip of his left-hand helps God to overcome the difficulties faced by his followers.
  • A garland with its four hands inspires its followers to attain life-long knowledge.
  • The broken Ganesha is held by Ganesha in his fourth hand to encourage man’s sacrifice.
  • The snakes on the waist of Ganesha represent the energies for success.
  • Ganesh’s ride on the rod gives a message to the human being to be humble even after being in top positions.
  • Ganesha has big ears to assure that he listens to all his followers.
  • Lord Ganesha, with all of the above characteristics, is believed to develop a positive aura around him, and remembering him brings positivity in life that leads to success in various desired forms.
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